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Bill May’s Suggested Drills & Swings:

The following are golf drills that will help you prepare and practice for a better game of golf.  When you click on each of the drills below, you will be taken to a private link for viewing on YouTube.

  1. Hitting Your Hybrids (Using today’s popular clubs that takes place of 2, 3 & 4 irons)
  2. Club in Chest (Improves connection, body and arms move together)
  3. Pass the Bucket (Improves body turn and weight transfers)
  4. Tilted Windmill (Keeps spine angle with tilted shoulder turn)
  5. Baseball Swing (Facilitates turn and proper forward swing sequence. creates arm and hand release)
  6. Pitch To The Target (hitting those targets from 20 yards out.)
  7. 3 O’clock to 9 O’clock Arm Extension (Coming Soon…Improves swing plane and path)
  8. Down Swing Lag Drill/Hold (Aids in feeling proper pre-impact position)
  9. Hands Split Apart (Promotes release and square club face at impact)
  10. Vertical Windmill (Coming Soon…Improves balance transfer, load to the right side, leverage to the left side)
  11. Plane Drill (Coming Soon…Tee in grip or two club shafts pointing at target line)
  12. Connection (Coming Soon…Make swings with handkerchief or towel under right arm pit)
  13. Step and Swing (Helps to feel the lower body initiate the downswing.)
  14. Fearless Fairway Wood (How to hit the three-wood or other fairway wood shots.)
  15. Making the Six Footers (Here Bill helps with you putting game…especially those six foot and under.)

Learn to enjoy your game & Improve your swing!

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